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blue eyes

  • Is it better...?! When I'm leaving this behind...?! Don't wanna loose that pretty smile, the look of your blue eyes! It doesn't matter...! What has been and what will come! I never will forget the time, cause your deep in my mind!

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Song »Blue Eyes« begeistert die Jury


»Jaywalk« holt 3. Platz beim Deutschen Rock- und Poppreis

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gimme a sign

  • There is something, that makes me gonna cry and spin around! There was a time, where I was haunted only by luck! Now the fate has turned my life in just one second... Into a comletely different direction! Hey!!! Whoho!!! Stars so bright!!

darkest hour

  • I hate, if I tell,we got a message right from hell! And I know, how you feel, but I'm afraid that it is real! I wish we finally wake up, but we already did... You say, you feel alone, No one's there when you're at home, but there's a spark right in the dark, that will be always in our hearts!

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behind the mirror

  • I went inside this room, to see the things, that I can't find nowhere! I left my life behind, the things I like, to see the other side.... But now I'm standing here asking my self, how I just can go on... and on and on and on

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no way

  • Everytime, I start something new, the feeling's right and I promise you, that everything that you wish will come true... The first time i was blown away, thought in my head, it would be okay you trusted me and that meant all to me...